A list of frequently asked questions.

Is uwu bot a weeb bot?

It's a weeb-friendly bot. However, it was definitely not designed to be used only by weebs, and anyone can take advantage of the features.

Is there a command to DM everyone in a server? Kick everyone? Ban everyone?

No, and there will not be. Such commands are against the Discord Terms of Service, and we do our best to respect these guidelines when developing the bot.

I got "An unexpected error occurred." What should I do?

This is never your problem and is usually a result of a bug in the code.
We keep tabs on bot errors to improve your user experience. However, it would be helpful if you could join our Discord Server and let us know which command went wrong for you, so we could work to resolve the issue faster, if possible.

My members feel uncomfortable with this command. What can I do about it?

If you didn't know, you can disable a command or entire modules for your server! This requires the Manage Server permission from you.
Go to the Config section of Modules, and look at uwu commands. This command has exactly what you need!

How'd you make uwu bot? How can I make a Discord bot?

The process to make a Discord bot begins with the Discord Developers page to create the bot user.
A knowledge of programming is required to make the bot online. Code Academy is a great website if you are looking to introduce yourself to the programming world with a language of your choice.
Lastly, a hosting service is required to keep your bot running at all times, unless you choose to leave your computer on 24/7. While Heroku can be a great free option, it's recommended that you turn to real cloud providers like Google Cloud to obtain a virtual machine for your bot.

Can I view the code to uwu bot?

No. After our V2 rewrite to discord.js, the repository has become private.