Brawl Stars

Commands that provide useful statistics for Brawl Stars players.

Command List

bsbrawlers, bsclub, bsevents, bsmap, bsprofile, bssave, bsseason, bstags

Setting Up

In order to conveniently use the Brawl Stars commands on this bot, you must save your unique player tag to your Discord profile. You can find your player tag by opening your game and following the steps below:
Now that you found your player tag, you can save it to the bot with this command:
uwu bssave <TAG>
Adds your tag to the list of saved player tags on the bot.

Advanced Setup

If you want to save multiple accounts to your profile, you may be interested in the following command:
uwu bstags
There are a few pathways this command can be used:
uwu bstags list: Lists all the tags saved to your account, which are indexed by a number.
uwu bstags add <TAG>: Saves an additional tag to your account, placing it at the end of the list of tags.
uwu bstags delete <INDEX>: Deletes the tag from your profile based on the corresponding index number viewed in uwu bstags list.


For commands that have tag as an optional argument: this argument can take multiple values.
(1) If you have at least one player tag saved to the bot, you can omit this argument to get the statistics for your first player tag saved.
(2) If you don't, or you want to view someone else's profile, you can include their #PLAYERTAG.
(3) If you want to view the first player tag saved to someone else's profile, you can mention them.
(4) If you have more than one account saved, you can view any account that is not the first by including the index, which is the number shown beside the corresponding player tag when you runuwu bstags list.
uwu bsbrawlers [tag]
Shows your brawlers similar to how they would be viewed in game - their current rank, current and highest trophies, how many brawlers unlocked, etc.
uwu bsclub [tag]
Shows details relating to a Brawl club. Defaults to a club you are currently in, otherwise you can enter a club tag to view that club.
uwu bsevents
Shows a list of current and upcoming events and maps in-game.
uwu bsmap [name]
Gets an image of a Brawl Stars map given a map name.
uwu bsprofile [tag]
Shows details relating to a Brawl profile.
uwu bsseason [tag]
Shows your current standing for a trophy season reset - your new total trophy count and Star Points gained.