Interesting image manipulation commands that can be fun to use.

Command List

blurpify, captcha, challenge, changemymind, clyde, deepfry, furry, iphone, kanna, lolice, magik, threat, trap, trumptweet


uwu blurpify [@​user]
Blurpify someone's profile picture!
uwu captcha [@​user]
Make yourself a CAPTCHA.
uwu challenge [@​user]
Challenge someone else!
uwu cmm <...text>
Write a message that's the truth!
uwu clyde <...text>
Write a message as Clyde!
uwu deepfry [@​user]
Deep fry someone's profile picture!
uwu furry [@​user]
Turn someone into a furry. If they aren't one already.
uwu iphone [@​user]
Put someone into an iPhone!
uwu kanna [@​user]
Write a message as Kanna!
uwu lolice [@​user]
Show that someone is the Loli Police!
uwu magik [@​user]
Make someone's profile picture magik!
uwu threat [@​user]
Show that you are a threat to society.
uwu trap [@​user]
Trap someone else, I guess.
uwu trumptweet [...text]
Write a Twitter message as Trump!