Commands that could be useful for server management and setup.

Command List

addemoji, ascii, avatar, emoji, github, hastebin, poll, serverinfo, tinyurl, urban, userinfo


uwu addemoji <ID> <name> <animated/normal>
Add an emoji to the server.
ID: The ID of the emoji, which can be found by copying the sequence of digits when you click "Open Link" on an emoji.
name: The name of the emoji you wish to set it as in the server.
animated/normal: Enter normal if the emoji is a PNG or JPG (non-animated). Enter animated if it is a GIF.
uwu ascii <...text>
Create copy-able large blocks of letters.
uwu avatar [@user]
Get someone's avatar as an image. Mention a user to get their avatar, otherwise get your own.
uwu emoji <emoji>
Get the image of an emoji as well as some useful information, such as ID.
emoji: A displayable custom emoji.
uwu github <username> <repository>
Get information on a GitHub repository.
username: The user's GitHub username.
repository: The full name of the repository.
The repository must be PUBLIC and visible to everyone.
uwu hastebin <...text>
Upload text to Hastebin and receive a link.
text: The text you want in the Hastebin document.
uwu poll <...args>
Create a poll with reactions. Separate the question and choices with |.
<...args>: The valid string of arguments to create a poll, where the first phrase is the question and subsequent phrases become choices, separated by a pipe (|), up to 9.
Example: uwu poll Do you like bananas?|Yes, very much!|Somewhat.|None at all.
uwu serverinfo
Get information on the current server.
uwu tinyurl <url>
Shorten a link with Tinyurl.
uwu urban <word>
Find a definition from Urban Dictionary.
uwu userinfo [@user]
Get useful information on a user you mention, otherwise yourself.
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