Privacy Policy

By using uwu bot, you consent that some of your Discord information will be used in order to allow a command to function. Such information includes:
  • For Users:
    • Username and discriminator (eg. Someone#1234)
    • Profile picture
    • User ID
    • Status (opt-in only)
    • Profile badges
    • Server join date
  • For Servers:
    • Name
    • Icon
    • Creation date
    • Boost level
    • Roles names + IDs
    • Emoji names + IDs
    • Channel names + IDs
The information is not stored. Commands that save information into a database will explicitly be labelled, and will only save the following:
  • Your User ID
  • Any information it is given (A username/tag for certain video games)
Any information collected will be stored in a secure database ( protected by passwords and IP whitelisting.
Keep in mind: The bot will NEVER ask you for information unless you run a command first. Furthermore, the bot will NEVER ask for: financial details, medical details, age, gender, location.
If you have any further questions on how your information is being handled, or would like to opt-out, please contact banana ♡#7808 on Discord!